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Second Opinion and Medicolegal

Our commitment to providing the highest quality of care extends into second opinions on diagnosis and treatment as well as medicolegal assessment and reports

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Why Second Opinions Are Important

If you have concerns about a diagnosis or treatment plan provided by another medical professional, it may be helpful to request a second opinion from Gary. A second opinion can provide additional insight into your child’s medical condition and potentially offer alternative options for treatment and recovery. During your second opinion consultation, it is important to communicate your concerns with Gary. Often times a second opinion can give you piece of mind that the advice from your surgeon is reasonable, and you will proceed down that line.

As an experienced medical professional with a reputation for providing compassionate care and expert advice, Gary is committed to helping his patients and their parents make informed decisions about their health conditions. With his extensive knowledge and years of experience, you can trust that Gary will provide you with a thorough evaluation and honest feedback, helping you to navigate your health journey with confidence. Contact us to schedule your consultation.

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Medicolegal Opinions

If you require medicolegal evaluations for legal claims, Gary is the expert you can rely on. Through his many years of experience he understands what is involved in the reasonable management of Paediatric Orthopaedic problems. As an AMA certified assessor in the upper and lower extremities, he conducts comprehensive examinations and produces detailed reports that can be used as evidence in various legal contexts.

To schedule an appointment for a medicolegal examination and to learn more about the options available for our clients, please contact us. Gary will take the time to conduct a thorough evaluation of the condition by reviewing all relevant medical records and conducting a comprehensive physical exam.

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Not all conditions and symptoms are alike. If you have a concern about your child’s wellbeing or would like to direct questions to Gary Nattrass you may contact our friendly team on 03 9322 3360.

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